To deliver constant support
and maximum product

With each effort to improve service quality: security, experience, speed, commitment and savings are all well-versed concepts for ETS.


Over the years, ETS engineering has matured a conscience driven by safety through large scale investments in consulting and after-sales services.



E.T.S. Engineering is able to offer a complete service in Italy and abroad including: regular maintenance, emergency maintenance and replacement of worn parts using the most technologically advanced equipment, therefore ensuring the reduction of operating costs and expensive downtime.

Our standard controls


we carry out standard checks for lifting using the following specifications:

  • Suspending the hoist.
  • Cables and restrictions.
  • Struts and Loading hooks
  • Drum – Guide ring – cable tensioner.
  • Engine – Brake – Reducer
  • Emergency and work limit switches

we carry out standard checks on translational winches based on the following specifications:

  • Trolley.
  • Engine – Brake – Reducer
  • Idler wheels and driving gears.
  • Limit switch.

we carry out standard checks on sliding winches based the following specifications:

  • Control of chucks.
  • Control of idler wheels and driving gears.
  • Engines – Brake – Reducers.
  • Limit switches and operation switches.
apparecchiature elettriche

we carry out standard checks on electrical equipment based on the following specifications:

  • Control of electrical cabinets.
  • Alarms.
  • Pushbutton panels.
  • Condition of cables and connections.
  • Remote controls.

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Total cover

Spare parts, scheduled assistance, upgrades, training, emergency work.

Spare parts

ETS engineering offers a complete range of spare parts for all its machines and cranes on the market, guaranteeing a prompt and efficient service.

Scheduled assistance

ETS’s maintenance schedule for bridge cranes guarantees not only correct servicing of your cranes in conformity with current legal requirements but also detects possible malfunctions in good time, limiting costly downtime. For this reason, ETS offers a maintenance subscription service. It is a Full Service that enables our customers to increase the life span of their cranes.


Just because a machine is old does not mean it has to be scrapped. By carefully checking the pieces to be replaced, the residual life-span of the crane can be increased.


Most accidents in the lifting sector are caused by operators. For this reason, ETS aims to minimise the occurrence of these accidents by offering a training service and courses for crane operators. Our programmes put safety first and foremost.

Emergency work

We promise to be with you within 36/48 hours, wherever you are.

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